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Betta Akarensis

1:22 PM - January 12, 2013 by Adam Short

Date Classified: 1920

Native Location: Borneo

Environment: Small streams and fast-flowing water

In Aquaria:

Physical Appearance: 

•    Dark Gray – solid colored
•    Light gray with three black stripes on body
•    Middle stripe, most times passes through the eye to its lips
•    Black spots in between stripes


•    Males – elongated unpaired fins
•    Both male and female – dull fins without any bold coloring
•    Male has bars on its back that are very distinctive and absent in other Betta species

Size: 5.5 inches in length

Feeding in Captivity: Live or frozen food only (this includes chopped earthworms)

Water and Hardness: Soft – hardness: 7-12; alkaline – 0-4

Water Temperature: 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit

Water pH: 5.0-6.8

Breeding: The female begins the spawning process in this pair, which happens at the bottom of the fish tank. They produce at least 100 fry.

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