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Betta Colors

brightly colored betta fish

1:00 PM - January 10, 2013 by Adam Short

  • Skin has only a slight yellow pigmentation, if any
  • The fins are translucent
  • The organs are flesh-colored and most times can be seen through the skin
  • Lacks all pigmentation, including the eyes, which appear to be light pink or red
  • Very rare
White Opaque
  • Pure white when young
  • Milky overlay of other colors
  •  white opaque betta
  • If very light in color or nearly transparent, they are then called “cellophane”
  • Carries one of the three iridescent colors

Apricot or Peach
  • Yellow pastels
  • Faint orange fins
  • Varies in hue
  • Either orange/red or yellow with a wash of orange
  • Solid reds are non-iridescent
  • Deep crimson
  • Normal red, with some black pigments
  •  red crowntail betta
Steel Blue
  • Metallic blue
  • One of the three iridescent colors
Royal Blue
  • Another of the three iridescent colors
  • Darker, with a purple tint when young
  • Dark head with royal blue body

Cornflower Blue
  • Dark head with cornflower blue body

Lavender, Purple, Violet
  • Another of the three iridescent colors
  • Bluish-green hue
  • Least fixed single color, so colors vary greatly
  • Smoky black
  • Many times the females are infertile
  • Resulting from two different genes Melano or Fertile (aka Lace)
  •  smoky black betta

Bi Colored

  • Flesh-colored or white body
  • Fins are usually red
  • Can also be blue and black
  • Body is dark, black or dark blue
  • Fins are yellow
  • Different Variations
  • White body
  • Fins are green or blue
  •  pastel betta


  • One half of the fin is one color and the other half is another.
  • Some are tri-colored
  • Light bodies and dark bodies exist
  • Body and fins have blotches of color over a light-colored background
  • Traditional marble – dark-bodied fish with white head
  • Colored marble – fins have a mix of light and dark colors
  • Face is flesh-colored
  • Body can be any color
  • This is the type most pet stores carry. There is no way to predict the colors of their offspring.

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