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Betta Falx

2:02 PM - January 12, 2013 by Adam Short

Date Classified: 1998

Native Location: Sumatra and Batang Hari River basin

Environment: Lowland swamp forests; stagnant water

Water and Hardness: Calcium-magnesium – 1; alkaline - 1

Water pH: 4.7-6.8

In Aquaria:

Physical Appearance: 

•    Brown
•    Three horizontal, black stripes
•    One stripe is from snout through the eye


•    Red-brown anal fins in the nuptial male
•    Caudal fins - blue inner band, a black submarginal band, white trim

Size: 1.5 inches in length

Feeding in Captivity: Live and frozen foods

Water and Hardness: Soft, clean water, with frequent changes

Water Temperature: 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit

Water pH: Low to neutral

Breeding: They can tolerate varied conditions, but spawns best in soft, clean water with frozen food as well as live. If water is changed frequently, it will aid in spawning.

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