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Betta Simorum

11:50 AM - January 12, 2013 by Adam Short

Date Classified: 1996

Native Location: Batang Hari and Indragiri Rivers in Jamba as well as central Sumatra’s east coast

Physical Appearance:

•    Mostly green or brown
•    Iridescent green scales
•    Head is slightly smaller than normal with a straight profile


•    Swampy marshlands
•    Cool, slow to stagnant waters near the Batang Hari and Indragiri Rivers in Jambi and Riau Provinces near the east coast of Sumatra

Differs from Betta Bellica in scale and fin ray counts.

Water and Hardness: Calcium-magnesium 1; alkalinity 1

Water Temperature: 81 degrees Fahrenheit

Water pH:4.5

In Aquaria:

Physical Appearance: Green or brown with a blue variety that had an appearance amongst breeders but no longer exists. Use a covered fish tank to prevent these fish from jumping out and provide privacy areas for the female such as vegetation.


•    Elongated pelvic fins which extend to the anal fin
•    Head is smaller than other Betta varieties
•    Central caudal fin rays are longer than most Betta species

Size: Up to 2.5 inches

Feeding in Captivity: Live and frozen food as well as commercial flaked

Water and Hardness: Prefers calcium-magnesium hardness

Water Temperature: 72-79 degrees Fahrenheit

Water pH: 6.0 to 7.0

Breeding: Acidify the water and provide much needed vegetation.

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