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Betta Simplex

2:35 PM - January 12, 2013 by Adam Short

Date Classified: 1994

Native Location: Thailand

Environment: Ponds and muddy pools

Water and Hardness: Calcium-magnesium - 11

Water Temperature: 72-79 degrees Fahrenheit

Water pH: 7.0

In Aquaria:

Physical Appearance: 

•    Male – reddish brown
•    Female – Yellowish brown
•    Head, jaw, eye and gill cover has black horizontal stripe
•    Iridescent green covers the throat and gill cover in the male
•    White covers the throat and gill cover in the female


•    Female has unpaired fins that are not marked
•    Male has fins that are margined with a white line
•    Male’s anal and caudal fins are submargined with a broad, black band

Size: 2 inches in length

Feeding in Captivity: Live and frozen; commercial flaked and dried

Water and Hardness: High calcium-magnesium hardness

Water Temperature: 71-79 degrees Fahrenheit

Water pH: Should be near 8

Breeding: They breed in the typical mouthbrooder manner. They flourish with live Artemia nauplii or microworms.

Note: Betta Simplex is on the IUCN Red List simply because they are so local to one area that they are susceptible to extinction.

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