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Betta Waseri

1:22 PM - January 12, 2013 by Adam Short

Date Classified: 1986

Native Location: Malay Peninsula

Environment: Shaded, blackwater, forest streams

Water and Hardness: Soft

Water pH: Acidic – 4.0-5.0

In Aquaria:

Physical Appearance: Similar to their native habitat

•    Yellowish gray
•    Black lower jaw
•    Black marks on chin that are teardrop-shaped

Size: 4 inches in length

Feeding in Captivity: Live and frozen foods

Water pH: Acidic

Breeding: To breed Betta waseri, the fish tank must be at least 30 gallons. Fill it only halfway with RO water. Help lower the pH by adding tannic leaves. They will tolerate a more neutral pH environment, but it isn’t best for spawning. Provide a flowerpot and PVC pipe for privacy.

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