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Step 1: Get Your Clickbank URL

Our affiliate program provider for Betta Care Made Easy eBook is Clickbank. In order to promote the eBook, you must sign up with Clickbank. If you haven't done this already, CLICK HERE to sign up and register for a free account.

Clickbank will allow you to create a username and password. The username will be your unique affiliate id you will use in your link (see below). With Clickbank, you can also track your earnings and review your sales stats.

If you already have a Clickbank username, insert it in the url below. Replace the xxxx with your username.

Clickbank Hoplink:

Example: If your username is Karl243 your url would look like this:

Step 2: Use Marketing Media

Banners and Graphics:

Below are product images and banner graphics you can use to advertise and promote the Betta Care Made Easy eBook.

Under each graphic is HTML code you can input on your website in the location you want the particular graphic. Simply copy and paste the code of the selected banner and paste it into a Notepad text document before you input it into your website. You will need to replace the xxxx with your unique clickbank username.

IMPORTANT: If you do NOT replace the xxxx with your Clickbank username in the code of each banner you use, you will not be paid any commissions for the products you sell.

eBook Cover Large

eBook Cover Medium

300 x 250

300 x 250

180 x 320

125 x 125

403 x 186

180 x 320

468 x 60

468 x 60

728 x 90

728 x 90

160 x 600


Product reviews are highly valued pieces of marketing material. They allow your visitors to connect with your product before they buy and make them feel more comfortable with the purchase.

We supplied you with 3 product reviews below for the Betta Care Made Easy eBook. Please re-word and modify them as needed and use them liberally in your marketing campaigns.

Betta Care Made Easy Reviews

  1. Review Article #1 (Right-Click To Download)
  2. Review Article #2 (Right-Click To Download)
  3. Review Article #3 (Right-Click To Download)

Email Messages

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods to promote affiliate products. When you have a list of loyal subscribers, they will treat your product recommendations more highly than someone they do not know. The purpose of an email list is to establish a professional relationship with your list so when it is time for you to offer a product, they will be much more receptive to buying it.

If you are new to email marketing, you will need to join an autoresponder program like Aweber, which we recommend.

To get people to subscribe to your email list and give you their email address, consider offering a free report or mini-course, or a monthly newsletter. Once they subscribe, they give you permission to send them emails.

Tip: Use promotional emails with caution. A constant slurry of promotional emails will cause your subscribers to unsubscribe from your list.

Here are some sample promotional email messages you can use to offer the Betta Care Made Easy eBook to your email subscribers.

Direct Order Link

If you want to send users DIRECTLY from your link to the purchase page bypassing our sales page, use the direct order link below. When clicked, this link will direct users straight to the ORDER PAGE for the Betta Care Made Easy eBook.

Direct Order Link:

NOTE: Replace "YOURAFFID" with your Clickbank Affiliate ID.


Text Links

Use these text advertisements in your emails or anywhere you want to use plain text. Copy and paste the text, and don't forget to add your affiliate URL where prompted.

Text Ad 1

Text Ad 2

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