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Fin Rot?

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Fin Rot?

Postby Hybiscuss » Sat Feb 14, 2015 8:29 pm

I'm concerned my moon betta has fin rot. His water quality is almost always good. PH is sometimes just slightly the caution zone on dip stick. I feed him 3 small pellets once a day, fast once a week & just recently started giving him blood worms once a week. I cannot tell whether he has fin loss or fin rot. I did have coral & rocks in his tank so I thought maybe he tore his fins. So I changed the coral & rocks to pebbles & a moss rock. He also has a live plant. I do water changes every 1-2 weeks but have never taken the rocks out to clean them. I wonder if me sticking my hands in the water isn't good? At this point I have started adding bettafix & stress releif to his tank, which is making his water look merky or maybe the moss ball is. My 2 yr old & myself love him :/ we have only had his 3 weeks. Prior to him we had a betta for only 4 months & he died. I never quite understood why. I think he may have had swimmers bloat but I did the same things I mentioned above. He just looked bloated one day & then refused to eat a pea & 2 days later died. If anyone can help me at all Id appreciate it!!!
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