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Postby ilovemybetta » Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:43 am

I got this Betta fish about six months ago. Everything has been fine until my Cat was eyeing the tank so daily I would move him from the living room to the bedroom and shut our door at night long story short I realised I needed to stop because of stress, I did. And noticed he was swimming and laying on his side and not eating g and floating, researchedand found swim bladder after that I looked at his friends closer and noticed that I thought he had fin rot immediately went to the store and got melafix aquarium saltstress coat And vita chem (phone won't let me delete random word vanakkam) Vanakkam and the heater I read online that I needed to do dailily tank changes for 10 days and not with help well that has been working and today is the 10th day and he seemed to have been doing a lot better until today when I realizehe had white spots on his eyes and on his gills to it seems to look like there's bloating underneath of his skills but up underneath of his head I'm very worried and very scared I don't know what to do I thought I was doing everything right deleting changes appropriate chemicals and the heater which kept it at a perfect degree he's in 3 gallons of water and when I realized he was sick in the beginning I took out all the extra decorations and lowered the water and left him with the hide in a in a plantsince he's been doing better I raise the water he has been eating fine up until today today he's swimming around but he's also floating at the top of the tank I really don't know what to do I've tried everything can someone tell me what's wrong the white spots on his eyes look likemaybe they're poking out a little but not Popeye I'm going to try to post a picture someone please help
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