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Forum rules
Betta Fish Center Community Forum Policies and Procedures

Overview: The Betta Fish Center Community Forum is a public forum and is provided for members to exchange information about betta fish care and provide mutual positive support in an effort to enhance and expand their learning experience. Betta Fish Center staff moderators will ensure The Forum is maintained as a “negative-free zone”.

Moderator: The Forum Moderators have the final decision as to what constitutes an infringement of the rules as well as the responsibility to remove, edit, move or close those posts or threads that they see as being harmful to a forum.

Members should refrain from contacting the moderator by private message (PM) unless absolutely necessary.

Advertising: It is understood that there are times when an idea itself requires that a product be mentioned, critiqued or evaluated. There are also times when the recommendation of a product is the answer to a posted inquiry. However, blatant advertising on the Forum is not allowed and will be removed at the discretion of the moderators. Repeated offenses will have consequences. No Affiliate links of any type will be allowed - This includes in the product recommendations or free materials section of the forum.

Refrain from cross-posting (posting the same message in more than one forum board). Choose the forum topic that is closest to your post, and place it there only. If you should create a post in one forum, and later realize it would be more appropriate in another forum, please delete the original before posting it again.

Abuse: No messaging that harasses, insults, belittles, or threatens another member or staff. Offensive words and / or graphics will not be tolerated.

Members who do not follow these rules will be given up to three warnings. Upon the third warning they may be banned from the forum, or have other restrictions imposed if the violations so warrant such an action. It is not our intent to threaten or impose warnings or other restrictions but all rules will be enforced. Moderators and Betta Fish Center staff's decisions are final.
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