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The Starting Story Of Nagato

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The Starting Story Of Nagato

Postby NagatoUzumaki » Fri Oct 10, 2014 2:25 am

Hi Im Nagato a red coloured veiltail bettafish
I was bought from a man in a unknown petshop. When he got home, a girl came to the car and said what a pretty betta
I lived in a Critter Keeper Cup and I was brought to school 2 times It was really stressing I didn't even bother to ate every 5 days. But after the second day I was bought to school, I was brought upstairs with a big jug of water, a bottle of water, silk plants, a big bag of colour full little rocks and a giant rock and a 2.8 gallon tank I watched the girl decorating the tank then putting a full jug of water and a full bottle of water. She threw away almost all of the water leaving a 1/3 of water she floated my cup inside the tank for 30 minutes. Then she took a net and released me inside of the tank. WOW I was soo happy! I started to get hungry as usual.. She gave me a pellet and a bloodworm yum! I felt so happy she knew how to care for me propely. I think Im the luckiest betta from all of my friends from class!
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