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Hello from the mitten!

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Hello from the mitten!

Postby lissienen » Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:53 am

Hey everyone, new member here. New to the board but definitely not new to the world of betta's. I've had betta fish for the past two years. I started off with just one little crowntail boy in a 2.5 and now I have three boys in a divided twenty gallon (two halfmoon plakats, Gold Dust and Jasper, and a gorgeous elephant ear halfmoon, Iced Steel who was an amazing find since the pet store I manage never gets that type) and my pride and joy thirty-six gallon sorority. Unfortunately I only have two female's left after a fast-moving and hard-hitting fungal infection stole nine of my girls in two days without touching my juli cories or albino pleco... it was very sad, but the tank has been treated, clean, and is sparkling once again. Emilia and Arwen survived the infection and treatment and I treasure them that much more because of it. Both of my plants have sand for substrate and are full of plants, I like the natural look and my betta's seem to like the leafs much more than fake ones. So do the cory cat's and pleco. And the ghost shrimp in the twenty.

So yeah; look forward to glancing around and seeing what this place is like since i stumbled across the board on Facebook and wanted to see what is up :) Always like giving new betta owners a bit of advice and seeing what others have to say when I have a question.
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Re: Hello from the mitten!

Postby admin » Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:31 pm


Welcome to Betta Fish Center! We love having Betta experts like you around! I am so sorry to hear about your girls but, I am glad that you were able to eradicate the problem! You advice for others who are in the same situation will go along way.

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