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Filtration Challenges... 5 gallon Nano tank

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Filtration Challenges... 5 gallon Nano tank

Postby RogierFvV » Wed Feb 04, 2015 6:55 am

I started out being given a betta in one of those silly vases, at an event. It was a table decoration, believe it or not.
In any case, then I went to a Aqueon Cue 5 Gallon nano tank, and I have my betta, a snail, and 4 Corydoras Aeneus cats, as well as live plants.

The little filter could not keep the water quality acceptable after a few months, so I went to an API Superclean 5-20 gallon, but even at the lowest flow rate, that was causing too much current. In the end I used a Fluval Edge pre-filter, and I mounted a baffle made of two strips of scotch brite and some perforated plastic (from a tank-divider), so now the water cascades gently down into the tank, and does not cause a lot of current.

I think I made a mistake in the beginning by using AII Proper PH 7.0, which keeps the phospates high (ca 10 PPM), and is no good for the plants. So I am working my way out of that with water changes. With using a Nutrafin Natural Plant CO2 system, my PH is steady at 6.5, ammo and nitrites always 0, but my nitrates are still a bit high at ca 40 PPM, and I'm now using some nitrazorb. For the rest everything is steady state, but I'm having mixed results with the plants, Banana plant is going gangbusters and betta loves it, Wisteria doing great, have donated a few plants to others, when they outgrew my tank. Bacopa does not want to catch on. Want to grow more plants over time.

Ideas, suggestions welcome.
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