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My Recommended List of 'Must-Have' Items

Postby Sivan » Mon Aug 12, 2013 9:26 am

We all have our preferences when it comes to caring for our animals. Betta fish keepers may not have as many options as other pet caretakers, however that is not to say that it is easy to pick and choose the best products for our finny friends. When it comes to Betta fish care, a significant difference can be found in the quality of the products and the quality of our pets' lives. In order to help those new and old in Betta fish keeping, I have compiled my top-5 recommended product list. These products are not in any particular order but are among the many that I consider vital within my fish keeping.

1. Seachem Prime: This brand of water conditioner literally saved the life of my first Betta fish that I had as an adult. Most people know that tap water is not safe for Betta fish on its own and that water conditioner is needed to treat it. What makes this product stand above the rest, however, is the fact that it removes more than just chlorine. Seachem Prime also removes heavy metals and converts ammonia into ammonium. It detoxifies many invisible elements added to water that makes it safe for human consumption but deadly for Betta fish consumption. If Seachem Prime is not available, then the next water conditioner I would recommend is API Stresscoat.

2. New Life Spectrum Betta fish pellets: Nutrition can be hard to maintain for Betta fish. There are a ton of varying food brands on the market and many claim to do the same job. What I like about NLS food is that it has less fillers than many other brands, meaning less constipation, bloat, and potential for swim bladder disorder. Listed within the two first ingredients are whole arctic krill and whole herring meals. Although the third ingredient is a wheat product, a not-so-desired filler, the rest of the ingredients are important aspects of a nutritional diet. NLS is not available in every pet store, so similar brands I would recommend are certain forms of Hikari brand and Omega One brand. Regardless of the brand, it is important to check the ingredient list in order to ensure a healthy basic diet for Betta fish.

3. Tom Mini Filter: Of all the filters out there, this one is currently my favorite. It is a sponge filter that has an adjustable spray bar. Betta fish like the surface of the water to be as still as possible and sponge filters allow that to be possible. This filter is reliable and almost completely silent-- a particularly valuable aspect when a fish tank is kept in one's bedroom.

4. Elite Brand Heaters: Betta fish are tropical and it is VERY rare to live in an area where the water will remain in ideal temperature ranges regularly. This heater brand is reliable and comes with a lifetime warranty, costing below $20 on Amazon. What makes this heater even more desirable is the fact that it has an internal thermostat, meaning that it will raise the temperature at a safe increment only when the water goes below a certain degree. The temperature that will trigger the heater to turn on is also adjustable; the owner can choose how high or low the tank temperature should raise to.

5. API Aquarium Salt: When Betta fish get sick or tear their fins, it is important to treat them as best as possible at first without medication. The best way to do this is to have aquarium salt on hand. Although aquarium salt should not be used every water change, its presence in the water has certain unbeatable benefits. This product can help fight against a variety of ailments including bacterial infections and parasites. It is good to have on hand and easily accessible in tight situations.
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