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good tank mates?

What fish live peaceably with your betta? Which ones should you avoid? This forum is for topics related to the fish that can inhabit the tank with your betta and those that will cause a problem.

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good tank mates?

Postby Bettarade » Sat May 18, 2013 5:14 pm

i wanna add some fish to my aquarium...not sure which fish i should add. after hearing some horror betta stories i'm a little gun shy about it haha suggestions?
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Re: good tank mates?

Postby TankerBell » Mon May 20, 2013 6:11 pm

I have a Blue Gourami in the tank with my betta and it works fantastic! Especially since they require the same aquarium care.
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Re: good tank mates?

Postby KingBetta » Tue May 21, 2013 6:00 am

Betta are fish and like some company well some do anyways Feeder Guppies,White Clouds,tetras are all good tankmates for them never place barbs in with Betta's for they can be nippy to fish with long fins, But of all the fish you and place with a betta nothing says best buddy like a cory cat not only are they great little cleaners but the betta will pay very little attention to them and they are joy to watch
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Re: good tank mates?

Postby schwannsee24 » Wed May 29, 2013 12:19 pm

It depends a lot on your betta, your tank, and whether you have enough space hidey holes for everyone. My last betta was irritating for the 2 otocinclus I have in my desk tank. He never nipped at them that I could see, but he would scare them off the glass if they tried to feed during the day.

New Guy, however, is a gentler fish, and doesn't bother them at all. The otos are still quite sensitive and shy, and don't hang out when there's a lot of activity or noise outside of the tank. But I did get a photo of one today!

I wouldn't give him any shrimp or gouramis for tank mates, he's pretty rowdy with his mirror and pretty predatory. Gourami can be problematic, many bettas think they look rude, flared all the time, and will harass them incessantly. Or,conversely, gourami can be territorial and decide Mr. Betta doesn't get to swim here anymore..."here" being the top 1/2 of the tank!

Cories are nice little fish, and school prettily, but don't tend to get aggressive or beat on by the betta.

Cover and good hides are key to a successful fish pairing, IMO.
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Re: good tank mates?

Postby BettaMomNancy » Sun Jun 02, 2013 5:05 am

My Betta has three Zebra Danios for companions. As Bruce is very calm, the Zebras provide a little excitement. They are the "Keystone Cops" of the tank, playing follow-the-leader through the fake hollow log in the tank and chasing each other one way, then another. I'd like to become familiar though with other fish that would be compatible with Bruce as I did have four Zebra Danios until recently so that when I decide to add some more fish, I can be aware of options.
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Re: good tank mates?

Postby Musherdeb » Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:48 am

Would a frog be a good tank mate. I totally love frogs.
I just saw an image on google when looking for a beta tank and they had a frog
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Re: good tank mates?

Postby lilbqwebb » Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:40 am

A friend of mine tried a frog as a betta tank mate. The betta bit at the frog all the time. She had to put them in separate tanks. I wouldn't consider them good tank mates. :|
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Re: good tank mates?

Postby mirage23 » Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:30 pm

I have some neon tetras with mine but remember they need to be in groups of 6 or more to be happy and like at leas 24in of horizontal swimming room

Re: good tank mates?

Postby whiskandbowl » Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:53 am

I've had good luck with nerite snails in my aquariums. The bettas don't bother the snails at all.

Other possibilities include:
cory catfish- need to be in groups of 4 or more, so a 10+ gallon tank is recommended
dwarf frogs
small tetras, but they need to be in groups of 6 or more.
other small fish, avoid fish with flowing colorful fins.
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Re: good tank mates?

Postby admin » Tue Jun 25, 2013 8:25 am

These are all great suggestions:)
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