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Hello! my name is Janet.

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Hello! my name is Janet.

Postby Janet » Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:34 am

Hi! I'm Janet, and my,(our), Betta is Harry. I bought him for our nurses' station last April. He was a beautiful, vibrant, bright blue color. He has gradually changed color, and now he's white. He acted normally, although his color was fading. Over the past month, he is now lethargic, very slow, and seems to be bottom-heavy. He mostly lies on leaves, but he also seems to "hang" in the water, vertically. If he swims, he has a hard time staying straight. His bottom sinks. He sometimes lays sideways on the bottom. When closer to the top, I can actually touch him a couple of times before he moves. I change all water once a month, and do partial changes once a week. I use a water treatment every time. I keep the temp between 68° and 75°. Now he's in a 1.5. gallon bowl. I had a 3 gallon bowl, but I broke it. I also check the pHone.

I have three bamboo pieces in there plus some artificial plants. We have a calender hung up in the med room to initial when he gets fed so over feeding doesn't happen. I thought he had an air bladder bubble. So I didn't feed him for 3 days and tried to feed him a pea, but it sank and I had to get it out. He wasn't interested at all. I have put medicine in there, but nothing happened. There are no signs of disease that I can see.

Does anyone have any ideas, cures, or treatments that might help?
I'll try to send some pictures.
Staying Hopefull in Philly,

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Re: Hello! my name is Janet.

Postby admin » Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:28 am

Hi Janet!

Welcome to Betta Fish Center!

I am sorry to hear that Harry isn't feeling too well:( A loss of color definitely signals a problem. The first thing you should do is raise the temperature in his tank to 78 degrees. Do you have a separate thermometer giving you a temp reading in the tank? Hospitals are cold so you want to make sure that the heater is doing its job and keeping the water the correct temperature. I know you said you do partial water changes once a week. Make sure that you are leaving at least 20% of the water in the bowl.

Do you know how old Harry is? This could be the behavior of an aging Betta.

When Harry is feeling better, you should transfer him back into a larger bowl. In the mean time, check out this chart and make sure that there is nothing more serious going on with him.

Let me know if you see signs of something more serious and if raising the temp of the water helps.

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