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My Betta

PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2015 5:33 am
by RJS
My name is Robert and my Betta's name is Midnight he's a male veiltail and I have had him less than a month

My Betta

PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:51 am
by mtevaero
Get a 5 gallon tank for your next betta and a heater. You don't need fancy just enough room and bettas need warm water 78-80F.
They live wild in stagnant water like rice paddies. Think southeast asia. They are born with gills but then switch over to lung like organs. Gouramis are the same type of fish with labyrinth organs.

You could get a 15 gallon tank and put a glass divider to make 2 sections of one tank. Then you could get a male and a female. Give the female about 5 gallons on her own.
She will be placed into the males larger section when she ripens for breeding. Take her out when breeding is over. As the male raises the babies so he needs the larger part of the tank. A long shallow tank is better for bettas as they swim in the top layer of the water as evidenced by their upturned mouths. One betta in each side of tank will require one airstone to turn over the water gently. they Do not like strong currents.They are slow moving, inqusitive fish that will investigate every inch of their tanks. You may need 2 dividers; an opaque divider and a transparent divider. Keep the opaque divider in place when you are not conditioning the bettas to breed. When they are not breeding don't let them see each other , they need time to recharge their systems just any other living thing .

I have kept, bred and sold fish over 30 years. Good Luck