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Tank set up.. newbie!

PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:28 am
by Lizzi85
I am new to the forum but not to Betta owning! I have previously owned a Betta in a small and very placid community tank. Now I have myself a 25 litre tank that's been set up (I hope) just for a Betta as I always enjoyed keeping them. The temperature is being kept at about 81 degrees and I am currently cycling it and have been for about 5 days. What I was hoping is to get some advice on whether my planted set up is suitable? I have tried to get a good mix of lower growing plants and some tall ones as well. I've attached a picture and any comments or ideas would be gratefully received! (the water needs topping up a little I know!)


Re: Tank set up.. newbie!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:20 pm
by akbetta
Nice little set up! It looks nice with lots of hidey holes.. wish we could get some decent live plants here.. right now Petco is the only one that has them and they don't look very nice. :?