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HELP, Betta likes to completely expose himself from water?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:03 pm
by jessabran
Hey there, Very weird situation with my new betta.
First time going to a forum to try and get answers. I've had a betta now for a few years, and by boyfriend and I liked them so much and found them so intelligent and unique that we wanted to get another. This new betta is very erratic, he likes to dart around in his bowl and is very twitchy. Although he makes bubble nests regularly and eats when fed, the strangest behavior of all is when he props himself up on a surface leaf (sideways) and exposes his head COMPLETELY from the water!!! He will lie like this for hours!
It is very strange, and I did my research on possible diseases. He doesn't seem to fit the bill for any of them!
He poops after he eats, no odd discoloration, no bulging eyes, no weird lumps or bumps...
I have a few pictures i'd like to share on the forum but not sure how.
I'd love a bit of help in that area so that you guys can see what i'm talking about.

Any help would be much appreciated, I really don't want to lose this little guy, his name is MUSHOU xxx