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females fighting

PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:05 pm
by bobbybetta
I had two females years ago and they got along just fine in the same tank. Now, I have two more females and they are starting to nip at each other! What is wrong? Should I separate them? Do they just need a bigger tank?

Re: females fighting

PostPosted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:49 pm
by JayM
We hoping to set up a female only tank soon & have read that 6 is the minimum. Also introducing them all to the tank at the same time helps with hierarchy. Try seperating them & then adding them all at the same time.

Re: females fighting

PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 9:10 pm
by KingBetta
I have a all girl tank and a Harem tank...First like with all Betta's you will get the grumpy girl she will want to be the boss or the ONLY girl in the tank when this happens move to a by herself bowl for a few days or put her in a guppy tank.. This will make her less of a pain and by guppy tank I mean feeder guppies and not fancy...Ok My Harem tank is a thing to see for I have 5 females and a male king betta while he is 3 times there size he never gives them any trouble except for the little crown tail he likes to chase but never harms for some reason he likes the pale blonde females and only has issues with colorful females but like I said has never hurt any of them and he once had a Harem of 8 female until I moved 3 to there own tank.. Before you try to do a Harem tank get to know your male first if he gets along with other fish try platy or mollies to see if he will play nice if he does you can get a couple of females and add them with the other fish he may come to think of them as other fish and not Betta's but be careful if you try I have a very chill King Betta but the smaller ones might not get along in a harem tank

Re: females fighting

PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 5:39 pm
by admin
I am interested to know how your girls are getting along? Did you give them a time out:)


Betta Sorority Myths Explained

PostPosted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:17 pm
by wwstringcomplexx
I have a very well functioning group of seven females and 2 corys.

Let me first say that if your females are fighting, there are a few things to be done:

1. Introducing them all at once isn't the best way to go. It's confusing and it's a bio overload for your filter. Yes the tank should be cycled, but it's still too much at once.

Solution: Find your most docile betta. Find the one that doesn't flare, runs from trouble, ect. Sometimes this can only be done if you already have them together, but if not, but their holding cups or bowls together. If they see another girl, do they flare or get really excited? Whoever is the least interested, get her in there first.

After 15 minutes of letting her check it out alone, add the next most docile female. Continue and add the most aggressive at the very end. She will be somewhat intimidated that everyone else was there first and not be so quick to attack everyone or nip like crazy. Some flaring might still occur, just keep an eye out.

2. Okay, so you have some bettas in the tank but you bought another one. Don't take them all out and do the whole process again!

Solution: Rearrange the plants while the fish is outside the tank in place where they can see the tank. Also make sure some of the aquarium water in the new fish's bowl. While she gets used to the water and is able to see the sorority, and you're rearranging plants, your girls will start reestablished their territories. Now, add the new fish in a breeder box. Make sure it's the clear one not the stupid mesh kind...bettas are jumpers and with no lid, she'll jump in the tank or they'll jump in the box..not good.

They will be able to see her, nip at the box, whatever they want. My alpha always meets and greets first, and then the others will come to see. The betta in the box may be stressed at first, but she'll calm down once she realizes that she's safe and they can't get her. I let her float around for a few hours and then if she is active and seems ready I'll let her inside! They shouldn't attack. She should be able to swim freely and be greeted almost individually as time passes. Size does not matter! My Petco/Petsmart bettas pale in comparison to my breeder bettas in some are twice the size of them. This has never been an issue for my tanks. Unlike people, bettas see other bettas, not size or color. **If the betta in the box seems nervous or is just floating at the bottom, she may not be a community betta. If you let her out and she instantly hides or goes to the bottom and floats there, be VERY careful. Your girls will sense her weakness and take her out, quickly. Trust me.

Also they do not need a 55 gal, heavily planted tank to live. Mine have always been in a 10 gal with some fabric and some live plants, a moss ball and assorted caves. I always keep it at 80 degrees F and always keep my filter clean and up to date with new cartridges. I vaccuum once if not twice a week and use that as about 25% water changes. There are 2 Indian Almond leaves in the tank that were provided by I HIGHLY recommend him as a source for not just betta supplies, but beautiful bettas. I'll admit, I can't resist the little faces in Petco, but sometimes I've gotten diseased bettas that are not curable and just die. Bettastars has always sent me the most gorgeous and quality females I've ever seen! I'd check him out if you haven't already!! :)


PostPosted: Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:28 pm
by wwstringcomplexx
I forgot to add, you should NEVER only have two females. The more dominant one will DESTROY the weaker of the two until one is dead. Aim for at least four or five, and yes all of you paranoid people, a 5 gallon is ok for this. Like Cichlids, the more bettas in the tank the less established large areas of territories there are to fight over!!!

Re: females fighting

PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 6:06 pm
by admin
Great info:)