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quality issues with spring water, considering RO water

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quality issues with spring water, considering RO water

Postby Suki » Tue Apr 07, 2015 4:10 pm

I have owned my betta for about 6 weeks and he is in a small tank of reconditioned RO water (RO water, Prime, Kent RO Right to add back in electrolytes). My KH is around 2, so not enough carbonated to provide a stable buffer. (I'm cycling a larger 5 gallon tank for my little guy).
I have been looking into spring water to mix with my RO water to raise the KH, but having problems in that area. I can't use tap water because our local water treatment uses RO.
Of the two brands of spring water available locally, Poland Springs (KH is 2, so no good) and Zephyr Hills, Zephyr Hills spring water when mixed 3 parts RO to 1 part spring water will raise the KH to 4 while keeping the pH around 7.4, any higher concentration of spring water raises the pH too high. I guess I could go with the higher pH but acclimating my betta from 6.8 to 7.6 or higher will take some time. I was all set to go with the Zephyr hills until I tested the nitrate level, it is around 30 ppm. Although I would be diluting the spring water with RO water, I don't like adding nitrates into my tank.
My other solution is to try to add a buffer to the conditioned RO water to add carbonates. Has anyone tried SeaChem's Alkalinity with any success? Any suggestions about the spring water?
Also, has anyone tried the addition of wonder shells to their tanks?
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