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Sick Betta, but can't identify sickness?

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Sick Betta, but can't identify sickness?

Postby FlowingFin » Tue Sep 08, 2015 3:41 pm


I have a betta fish that is estimated around 2 years old. (main body and inner fin color is purple, outter fins red).

Recently, after moving his tank (I put him in a jar during the move, we were going upstairs), he got fairly stressed, but his body color returned to mostly the original color as the stress went down.

Over the past ten days though, his body has lightened to pale brown and whiteish again (starting with the head), moved to the body, and his pectoral fins lost color to about the mid way point to the body.
Two days ago, there was a tiny little puff of something white on the dorsal fin but after putting some Melaluca in the water (tea tree oil, antibacterial 100% natural essential oil) it went away.
However, the coloring has stayed the same, and the dorsal fin is now thinning out and there is a tear. There are also blue shiny specks around the purple parts of his fin.

I would think it is fin rot but everyone says that when Bettas are sick they don't like to eat, and are not active. He is still very active, and always ready to eat. I have been having trouble keeping stable temperatures (we are transitioning to fall so it's either freezing or hot). That is a factor for stress, but not the possible fin rot??

Healthy: ... e=55F17DBB

Currently: ... e=55F192D5 ... e=55F1DE6D ... e=55F1EF84

(the tank is currently ~85 degrees, we are going through a hot/humid spell and I'm not sure how to lower the tank's temp, he's very hyper active right now.

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Re: Sick Betta, but can't identify sickness?

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