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Postby Bobbie » Fri Sep 25, 2015 9:05 pm

Hi, I'm obviously new and my name is Bobbie. Married 34 years, 3 adult married sons, we lost our "baby" yellow Lab Riley in May. I'm not working outside the house so he was my companion - my husband has to work crazy hours. We can't imagine being without a dog, but had to wait for the right time, and now we're checking out rescues.

Now my Bettas, Aedan and Fergal. My boys are in a 2.5 gal divided tank (I know not everyone likes that size, especially for two bettas). The original divider had a very open grid, so they could see each other clearly and flared all day. I didn't think that was good, so I fastened some silk leaves to it at various places, so they couldn't see each other as clearly but the filter could still circulate the water. Fergal has been the feisty one. I bred Bettas about 25 years ago, and things have changed a lot! I believe he's a blue butterfly (white edges) double tail, but we can't really tell about the tail. It's so full I can't tell if it's actually two tails overlapping or just a very full tail. Aedan is multi-colored, pinks, reds and blues, and very stately. They've both been very healthy so far (until now) which is one of the reasons I joined this community, as well as to just talk Bettas and learn what I've missed during the last 25 years! So hello, fellow Betta-mites, nice to meet you all. :D
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