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Betta with white bump

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Betta with white bump

Postby Bobbie » Fri Sep 25, 2015 9:47 pm

Hi, I'm new here, so if I do something wrong, please let me know. I have two bettas, Aedan and Fergal. Currently they're in a 2.5 gal bowfront divided tank. The grid was too open, they were flaring at each other all day, so I fastened some silk leaves to various places on the divider so the filter could still do its work and they couldn't see each other that well. They also use the leaves as hammocks, and each has a small cave.\

All water parameters have been stable (in safe zones) since I got them, I do 50% water changes about every 3 days with bottled spring water, because we have well water that even I can't drink sometimes. I think it has too many minerals. If I let a glass of it sit for about 30 minutes, I can see what looks like little bits of rust, (iron) in it. I use 1/2 tsp aquarium salt per gal, as I've read that it helps with gill function and is generally healthy. The tank is 80-82 degrees.

The problem is: about 2 weeks ago, Aedan developed a little white bump on his side, which has grown over the past week. Sometimes it looks like a cyst, sometimes it looks like a human blister that's been opened, has a hole in it and is hollow. I upped the salt to 1 tsp per gal to try a "natural" cure. I saw no change, but at least it didn't get bigger. It's not cottony, it doesn't look like scales either. It looks like skin to me. I admit to being impatient, so I treated with a product that says it cures "bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic, including ich (which I know it isn't). Ever since I upped the salt, I've been doing the 50% water changes every other day (and of course with the med, I took the carbon out of the filter). No change, so I did as close to a 100% water change as I could and changed to something that attacks bacterial infections, body fungus, gill disease, popeye, columnaris, fin and tail rot, and several other conditions I can't pronounce. Today he didn't eat his normal portion even when I gave him some bloodworms (his favorite). Btw, all this time Fergal was acting normally, but was also getting medicated along with Aedan. Today I did a 75% water change, didn't add any medication except the salt. I thought I was probably killing them with meds! Now they're both lethargic, not eating as much, drifting through the water. I know this is probably too much information, but if I left anything out, please ask. I also know my impatience probably added to what was originally going on. I've added links to pictures of Aedan and his white bump:

Any help would be appreciated. Right now, he doesn't look like he's going to make it, and Fergal is starting like Aedan, but without any white bumps. Sorry this is so long, but thanks in advance.
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