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How do you keep the water still with a filter?

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Re: How do you keep the water still with a filter?

Postby babyblue » Sun Oct 05, 2014 2:36 pm

I have a small whisper filer and a pump/ The filter is in the tank and came with my 3 gal tank. The pump was weak so I got another one, for 5 gals and up. Very powerful but I like the power for cleaning . the tank Anyways, I looked at all the sights for a baffle and came upon one for larger out of tank filters and show to cut the bottle length wise and place it over the lip and into the filter area. That will not work for me. I used the bottom of a plastic bottle. I cut it off of a bottle of purified water. and I put it right over the top of the filter opening like a cover and it fits just under the lip where the water spills out into the tank. My betta was watching me adjust the thing the whole time! I made sure not too much of the opening was in the water.
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